San Francisco, CA on May 8—7 pm at City Lights Bookstore with Lisa Brown

Brooklyn, NY on May 11—7:30 pm at Books Are Magic with Alice Sola Kim

Providence, RI on May 12—6 pm at Ada Books with Joanna Howard

Cambridge, MA on May 13—3 pm at The Harvard Square Coop with Laura van den Berg

New Orleans, LA on May 16—6 pm at Octavia Books with Maurice Ruffin

Austin, TX on May 17—7 pm at BookPeople with Deb Olin Unferth

Chicago, IL on May 18—7:30 pm at Women and Children First with Jac Jemc and Anne Yoder

Los Angeles, CA on May 24—7:30 pm at Skylight Books with Liz Ziemska and Amina Cain

San Diego, CA on May 25—7 pm at The Book Catapult with Lily Hoang

Oakland, CA June 13—7 PM Wolfman Bookstore with vi khi nao and jennifer S. Cheng